AHCX Registers Largest Commodity Sales


AHCX recorded its largest sale date on 23 July 2013, trading 70 lots, in over  Mwk32 million worth of commodities in one single day this practically almost wiped out all stocks in its Kasungu’s  warehouse. Stocks in other AHCX warehouses are fast being depleted as farmers and buyers enjoy the benefits of open transparent trading system. farmers are now urged to go deposit their commodity in large quantities so as the readily available markets are aptly utilised.

AHL Commodities Exchange Limited (AHCX) is operating a structured and organised commodities market platform that is accessible by all stakeholders. AHCX is facilitating trading in agricultural commodities for both local and foreign participants. Our aim is to operate a robust, price efficient, transparent and fair market structure for all stakeholders.

The pricing of commodities traded on AHCX is transparent and efficient as AHCX is not involved in price setting. AHCX role is trade facilitation while the seller offers the commodities at an open and competitive price, determined by the prevailing economic circumstances as well as their profit margin. The buyers on the other hand, place buy orders at prices that are commensurate with prevailing economic conditions and their cost structure. The competitiveness is attained due to the multiple buyers (both local and foreign) interacting with multiple sellers on a particular trade day. Thus, trading is executed on “Willing Buyer - Willing Seller principle” and “on terms as agreed between the buyer and the seller, through an open, transparent, competitive and fair transaction interface”.

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