AHL Commodities Exchange Stimulates trade at ZITF 2014

AHL Commodities Exchange (AHCX), Malawi’s leading agricultural commodities trading platform participated at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) which was held from April 22-26 2014 in Bulawayo. The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is an annual event attracting both international and domestic participants trading in various manufacturing and service industries. The theme for this year’s Fair was “New Ideas To New Heights” and His Excellency the President of Republic of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe officially opened the Trade Fair.


This is the second time for AHCX to exhibit at this annual event following its maiden participation at the ZITF 2013. This year’s Fair provided an opportunity to follow up on trade contacts established previously, extending the brand visibility and publicity to neighbouring countries and beyond as well as presenting to potential clients the benefits of importing various agricultural commodities from Malawi through the Exchange.

AHCX Marketing Manager Clement Mijoya said that the trade enquiries generated through AHCX participation at ZITF 2014 is exciting news to players and stakeholders in Malawi’s agricultural sector on the assurance of foreign buyers of commodities like groundnuts, sugar beans, soya beans and rice who have expressed interest to import large volumes from Malawi through a structured market because of quality, quantity and delivery assurances. This development stands to benefit the Malawi economy as a whole with regard to bringing in the much needed foreign exchange to drive economic growth in line with the National Export Strategy.

AHCX role is trade facilitation while the seller offers the commodities at open and competitive prices determined by prevailing economic circumstances as well as their profit margin. Mijoya also said that AHCX has partnered with several financial institutions to support farmers and traders with warehouse receipt financing on commodities other than tobacco. He said the same applies for other service providers that are also now coming up to offer production inputs confident that the farmers have a sustainable and assured market structure where a recovery of lending is almost assured.

He therefore urged farmers, cooperatives and traders to deposit their commodities in large quantities at AHCX warehouse facilities spread across the country so that they can benefit from such an efficient and structured market system.

AHCX, a subsidiary of Auction Holdings Limited  is transforming the commodity trading landscape bringing in transparency as well as ensuring that issues of quality are comprehensively addressed to make Malawi’s commodities attractive on the international market.

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