AHL Group of Companies

Fast forward 79 years to date, Auction Holdings Limited has grown into a corporate giant boosting 6 agro based subsidiary companies under the AHL Group of Companies brand. Through its subsidiary companies the AHL Group has began to roll out its ambitious diversification plan. Stemming from its historical roots of tobacco the new companies, with specific reference to AHL Commodity Exchange (AHCX) has cemented its place in Malawi’s economy. A brief synopsis of the subsidiary companies save AHCX  is described below;

  1. Auction Holdings Limited- Msika Wa Fodya (AHL) provides a platform for tobacco trading in Malawi. AHL runs four main floors for conducting tobacco sales. These floors are Limbe floors, Lilongwe Floors, Chinkhoma Floors and the Mzuzu floors. AHL also runs rural markets. In all its floors, AHL provides facilities and support structures that enable smooth trading of tobacco. AHL through its systems ensures that the growers proceeds are paid through their banks within 24 hours after the sale. AHL is the financial muscle behind the AHL Group of Companies, under the AHL tobacco trading auspice In 2008 AHL constructed a business complex as part of a sustainable growth initiative for the AHL group of companies. The business complex christened AHL Business Centre, houses all financial institutions, telecommunication companies and other related service providers in the locality of the AHL headquarters in Kanengo making service provisions more accessible to the farmers.
  2. Agriculture Trading Company Limited (ATC) is a member of the Auction Holdings Group of Companies and has been in operation in Malawi since 1962. Agricultural Trading Company Limited is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural inputs and equipment; hardware; industrial and domestic pest control services in Malawi.
  3. Malawi Leaf Company Limited (MLCL) is a tobacco leaf merchant dealing in all types of tobacco. It is a 100 % indigenously owned company and only deals in tobacco grown in Malawi. Malawi Leaf Company Ltd started its operations in the year 2006. Its headquarters is situated in Kanengo but its operations extend throughout the country.
  4. Tobacco Investment Limited (T.I.L) has been operational for 20 years and is primarily in the business of re-handling tobacco bales that have been returned from the floors due to different reasons including mixing, nesting and bad hessian to mention but a few. Tobacco investment is located in all the sites that Auction Holdings Limited, the mother company, is operating a tobacco auction floor. In addition to re-handling bales, T.I.L also handles factory floor sweepings on behalf of buyers.
  5. AHL Chemicals and Steel Ltd (ACSL) was established as an indigenous manufacturing company with a core business of producing agro based chemicals and various steel products. ASCL’s factory is located in Malawi’s industrial park in Kanengo a stone throw away from AHL Group headquarters. Since inception the company has registered astounding commercial success and will continue to grow with the introduction of improved chemicals and steel products. Presently the companies number one product is Wivokil Super, a chemical based grain protectant that has proved to be highly popular with Malawian farmers and has registered increased sales across the borders.
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