AHCX Business Process

  1. Deposit and Issuance of Electronic Warehouse Receipt

    • The seller bringing the deposit to the warehouse.
    • Samples and grading
    • The Goods are weighed and the Deposit Acknowledge slip is generated.
    • This detail is then exported to the exchange Warehouse depository for issuance of Electronic Warehouse receipt.
  2. Trading

    • The traders access the trading floor for the trade.
    • Order matching based on the open outcry system.
    • Filling an order ticket and submitting it to the exchange back office.
  3. Clearing & Settlement

    • After all the trading session, clearing House finalizes the amount payable by the buyer and receivable by the seller.
    • Exchange will generate an automated statement for debit and credit of settlement accounts of the respective members.
    • This file will be sent electronically to the bank the next day
    • The settlement system will also inform the Warehouse Depository to make the title transfers.
  4. Delivery

    • The buyer to inform the exchange about his intention of picking up the delivery. Warehouse supervisor prepares the delivery.
    • Loading of commodity finishes the process.
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