The Government of Malawi and the World Bank recently signed the Malawi Floods Emergency Recovery Project (MFERP) agreement that will allow the Government o Malawi to carry out a number of activities in order to recover from effects of devastating floods the country experienced early this year. Under This project, The Malawi Government will buy Non-GMO maize to restock the country’s Strategic Grain Reserves. (http://www.nframw.com/tenders)

    It brings AHCX great pride that The Government of Malawi through the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) has entrusted AHCX to be one of the facilitators of the tendering process for maize procurement.

    A new system has been developed to enable AHCX to facilitate the NFRA maize tendering process. This system called AHCX bidding portal was developed by AHCX’s application developer Elijah Phiri. One of the impressive things about the AHCX bidding portal is that it was up and running within 48 hours after the tendering process was explained to Elijah.

    The AHCX bidding portal is an ICT innovation that allows anyone to participate in the tendering process in a transparent and fair manner.

    The first bidding session for AHCX was held on Thursday the 16th of July, 2015. On this day, participants visited AHCX Head Office, warehouses and some simply sat in their office , homes or places where they could access the internet. Participants are required to submit their contact details, volume of maize, delivery point and price of their maize.

    The bidding portal shows a summary of all bids so as to help bidders make decisions on how to change their price as NFRA awards the lowest bidder MACRA has recognized the AHCX bidding portal as one of the top 3 innovations in Malawi and this has won Elijah Phiri a fully funded trip to BUDHAPEST HUNGARY in EUROPE for world ICT Innovations Presentations.

    AHCX continues to innovate and bring new products that will not only impress Malawi but other parts of the world.

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