Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)

The Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Unit at AHCX shapes the companies image and raises the visibility of the Organization  by establishing and maintaining relations to media, public and private sector, academia, and the broad public through high-standard publications and promotional material, state-of-the-art website and regular news articles and press releases highlighting AHCX activities and events.

The Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Unit provides the following services:

Public Information Service:

Writing, publishing and disseminating effective and accurate information in order to advocate AHCX activities and achievements through print and broadcasting media, along with organizing special events and exhibitions and maintaining an online Press Room and providing staff-oriented media skills training sessions.

Web Service:

Publishing and sharing information and knowledge produced by AHCX in Internet and Intranet, along with overseeing as webmaster the website, keeping information up to date, and providing web training for staff.

Publication Service:

Managing AHCX publications and promotional material production from editing through design/layout to printing, and disseminating these publications effectively.

Library and Information Services:

Cataloging all publications, both electronic and print, and managing the office e-Library for easy retrieval of reliable reference sources, along with circulating internally periodicals, newsletters and journals, and providing access to various library databases.
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