On 26th May, 2015, 8 Ugandan parliamentarians visited AHL Commodities exchange on a mission to appreciate how the Exchange has managed to take off in a competitive commodity landscape in Malawi and how it is fairing in the region and beyond.

    The Delegation that was led by Hon.OKOT OGONG FELIX (MP), was officially welcomed by AHL Group Chief Executive, Dr. Evans Matabwa and AHCX General Manager Davis Manyenje. Dr Matabwa gave a rationale for the setup of the exchange which is facilitating trade of agricultural commodities other than tobacco. He said that, the only way Malawi’s agro-based economy can move forward is through organised trading of agricultural commoditites.

    The delegation was taken through the end to end operations of the Exchange including trade floor session. In his remarks, leader of delegation Hon.OKOT OGONG FELIX (MP) thanked management and staff of AHCX for fascilitating the visit and expressed delight that their trip was a success for they have learnt a lot from AHCX which will help the delegatiom make credible recommendations as to how they can implement a similar initiative back home.

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