Maximising Member Wealth

  1. Overview

    Members invest into a membership seat fee in order to make profit onto their investment. Besides representing clients and therefore gaining commissions or leveraging on their own membership to avoid paying commissions to a member when buying and selling on your own behalf, members can vastly increase their revenues by providing several other services including but not limited to.

  2. Logistics service

    Members can extend logistics service to clients as part of the package of using them to procure or sell commodities on the exchange. Most depositors will trade with a member that may as well provide transport from his household to AHCX warehouse on credit as part of the package. Similarly international buyers are likely to trade through a member who will make necessary arrangements and paperwork to ensure commodities are loaded onto a ship on board a client’s destination.

  3. Adopting Aggregator model

    Members may act as aggregators in respective communities therefore linking a vulnerable smallholder farmer who may not be able to satisfy contract specifications in his own right, to the market. A member may buy these commodities in traditional ways taking into account deal prices on the exchange in pricing of the commodity during purchases therefore making a profit margin on respective sales.

  4. Client awareness and relationship

    Members can increase their revenue if they amass large volume of trades through them, One way of ensuring increased volumes of trade on the exchange is to lure clients to trade through your membership by actively marketing yourself to clients including but not limited to; awareness, varying commission rates, and advertising.

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