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AHL Commodities Exchange (AHCX) and CDH Investment Bank on Tuesday 27th May 2014 signed a 10 Billion Kwacha Warehousing Receipt Financing package at a colourful ceremony held at AHCX in Lilongwe presided over by AHCX Director Harrison Kalua and CDH Investment Bank Chief Executive Misheck Esau. The function was held at AHCX in Lilongwe.

The deal means that farmers and the rest of the value chain are being empowered to benefit from such structure of financing be it transportation industry, buyers, banks and many others. The Exchange is here as a stable and reliable link.

In his remarks, AHCX Director Harrison Kalua commended CDH Investment Bank for providing such a huge package towards stimulating production and trading of various agricultural commodities other than tobacco through the Exchange, a development that is bound to put Malawi’s economy on the right path.

Mr. Kalua went on to challenge smallholder farmers, traders and other stakeholders in the value chain of commodity trading that Malawi has the potential of registering up to $2billion in commodity trades other than tobacco because there is a ready market with competitive offers from buyers both local and foreign.

In his remarks, CDH Investment Bank Chief Executive, Mishek Esau said that the Bank is happy to partner with AHCX which is transforming the commodities trading landscape by operating a structured market aimed at stimulating local and international trade thereby providing opportunities to all its stakeholders to contribute to the country’s economic growth. He expressed confidence that stakeholders will fully utilise this windfall package by considering depositing various commodities with the Exchange.


Since it started its trading operations in 2013, the Exchange has been progressing well in bringing various products aiming at bridging the gap that has been existing between smallholder farmers and various stakeholders.

AHCX Head of Operations, Davis Manyenje assured farmers, traders, transporters and all others in the value chain of commodity trading in Malawi, that the Exchange, as a trading platform, is a prompt answer to their business.

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