Trading System

Management of the trading system

In managing the trading system the Exchange will provide for things like:

  1. procedure for registration and cancellation of access to the trading system to members, their Authorized Representatives or clients;
  2. the conditions required to be fulfilled before a person can be registered as an authorized representative;
  3. the maximum number of persons who may be allowed to have access to the trading system on behalf of an Exchange member;
  4. the circumstances in which the Exchange may refuse, withdraw, or cancel the permission to an authorised representative to have access to the trading system of the Exchange, either indefinitely or for a specified period or until the fulfilment of conditions, as may be specified by the Exchange from time to time.

Access to the trading system

  1. The Exchange will provide a trading system to the Exchange members to access and undertake trading in the commodities on the Exchange, which will be called the Trading System.
  2. The trading system will be available for facilitating trading in commodities permitted by the Exchange for trading from time to time.
  3. The Exchange will have the total right to specify the maximum system access period that may be allotted to an exchange member who has trading rights in the exchange.

Surveillance, investigation and member database

The Exchange may, at its discretion, decide to look after the functions relating to surveillance, investigation and any other market related activities, either by itself or by a separate entity through outsourcing or by a separate and distinct entity established by it, either jointly or in collaboration with any other institution.

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